DePaul faculty and students at the 2017 AESA Conference

Faculty and doctoral students presented their research on Soka studies at recent regional and national educational conferences. Below is the list of conference presentations related to the field.

Bergamo Conference on Curriculum Theory and Classroom Practice, Oct. 12-14, Dayton, OH
Duoethnography as a Transformative Experience of Human Education
Melissa Bradford, DePaul University
Nozomi Inukai, DePaul University

Midwestern Educational Research Association 2017 Conference, Oct. 18-21, Evanston, IL
Value-Creating Education and Curriculum Development: An Instrumental Case Study at Soka University of America
Discourse Analysis of Soka Women’s College: Within the Context of Women’s Higher Education in Japan
Nozomi Inukai, DePaul University

Utilizing Online Discussion Boards in Education to Facilitate Dialogue among Students Callie Pogge, DePaul University

American Educational Studies Association 2017 Conference, Nov. 1-5, Pittsburgh, PA
Remembering James Baldwin in the Development of a Curriculum for Interrogating White Innocence
Karlee A. Johnson, DePaul University

From Childhood Memories to Valuing Each Student: Re-Envisioning the Student-Teacher Relationship with Daisaku Ikeda’s Philosophy
Julie Nagashima, Arizona State University
Melissa Bradford, DePaul University

Remembering and (Re)envisioning Dialogical Ways of Being, Thinking, and Knowing: EcoJustice Traditions and Value-Creating Education
Monica K. Shields, Eastern Michigan University
Melissa Bradford, DePaul University

Curriculum for Becoming Fully Human: Challenging the Hegemonic Discourse on Knowing and Being
Nozomi Inukai, DePaul University

Value-Creating Education and the Dewey-Soka Heritage in the Context of the Trump Phenomenon
Jason Goulah, DePaul University