Overview: Scholarly interest in cosmopolitanism and its implications for education has intensified since the turn of the century in recognition of the realities of globalization. In recent years, the concept of cosmopolitanism has been widely used by scholars to address the challenges of globalization. The term cosmopolitanism, translated as citizen of the world, is commonly seen as originating from Cynic and Stoic philosophers in Ancient Greece. At the same time, cosmopolitan ideals have also been located in major philosophical ideas in the East. In this webinar, we bring together prominent scholars to discuss the following:

  1. What are the contributions of Eastern philosophies to the concept of Asian cosmopolitanism and how is this concept of relevance today?
  2. What is the significance of Asian cosmopolitanism and philosophy for education today?
  3. What are the possibilities and challenges for cosmopolitan learning especially in light of the intensification of xenophobia and intolerance arising from the global pandemic?

Date: Nov 28 (Sat) 11 AM to 1230PM Singapore/Hong Kong time.

Note: This will be Nov 28 (Sat) 2PM in Melbourne and Nov 27 (Fri) 10PM in Illinois, US

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